Medical Marijuana and Parkinson's Part 3 of 3

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See the effects of cannabis first hand, unedited, on Parkinson’s tremor dyskinesia, and voice.

This clip is from the feature documentary “Ride with Larry” and shows retired police captain Larry trying medical marijuana for the first time.

The full film is now available to stream and to own on Amazon:

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Satya Dewangga says:

if after consume and the effect finish? he will back to before he used marijuana or not?? please answer. thank you, sorry for my bad english


Marijuana is a miracle plant, it helps with chronic pain, severe anxiety, autism and now Parkinson's? I wouldn't doubt if it helps prevent cancer too.

John Fichtner says:

My neighbors wife has parkinson's and she tried this but it did nothing for her. Maybe she needs to try again or possibly a different oil from CBD.

company davis says:

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Shirley B says:

God bless you friend, for helping this man. This sacred medicine is trully a miracle to many. If nature is illegal than how can we ever be trully free. Thanks to all the real healers…

wlcsp says:

Any link for that particular product ?

Forrest Gump says:

Move to Canada for else you'll live a hard life

NotsoJoe Rogan says:

God: Have this plant that can help bring relief to all who suffer…
Gov't: Fuck that. Criminalize it.
The people: Why?
Big Pharma: coughs

Demonic Coconut says:

Funny how cigarettes kill people everyday and they’re legal. But marijuana, an herb from the earth that heals, is not.

Mark Sabaduquia says:

shout out to Snoop Dogg the goat

Daniel Hazieq says:

Im so sad and happy after he calms down :((

Chad Hanna says:

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Jeff Jones says:

Endocannibinoid Deficit Disorder

afdvaughn says:

Does anyone know what type, brand, dosage etc this is? My dad has pk and i would like to try this for him

Jay Jay says:

Whoever thumbs down this video is either an alcoholic or u work for the government or u believe the nonsense the government has been telling u all these years was a lie.. The government knows it's the healthiest plant on the planet.. That's why it's illegal..

catinabin says:

And why is weed still illegal?

LongForeignMan says:

I lost 2 grandparents (Grandfather on my Mum's side and Grandmother on my Dad's side) to Parkinson's Disease. It was so sad watching the small shakes become massive movements, then seeing them descend into immobility and dementia. Especially in the case of my Grandad who I was closer to – his life was so full of pride, strength and intelligence; for him to be reduced to dependency and humiliation was terrible.

Perhaps medical marijuana might have let him live a few more years, perhaps it might have helped with his constant fatigue from battling the tremors. Perhaps he might have been around to see the birth of my son. He would have loved that.

Kyle Mikesell says:

He almost becomes a different person. Or maybe the original person before Parkinson’s robbed him of his body.

G *59 says:

Fuck this shit makes me sad ,how hes being denied


That isstupid
Not talking bout the video
Because i loved it
But why is it ilegallll
Its stupid and it pissed me offffff

Guy Tar says:

i witnessed a change like this in one of my patients at the hospital. could not believe my eyes. next week i took some….was like wow, knee pain, anxiety, depression, poor sleep….poof they just went away, literally all the problems on my list just went away.

James Nelson says:

Thc or cbd?

OnePiece01 says:

That was way too quick

Nebula XD says:

PUT HIM IN JAIL. PLANT OR NOT MARAJUANA IS EVIL AND AGAINST GOD. Killing 700,000 babies a year is perfectly fine though. What a fucked up world we live in

AKBuilder762 says:

I hate pot heads. But this is not a pot head, its a person who is sick and the medicine just happens to be medical marijuana.

Justus Holthusen says:

Is he using just CBD oil or is there any THC in it?

Maxg 1998 says:

Does cbd do the same

Claire James says:

“So quickly” 😭♥️😭♥️😭♥️

Jon Egan says:

RSO is so awesome

BigAssChain says:

It's been used for centuries that speaks for itself

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