I Tried Medical Marijuana For My Chronic Pain

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“I’m at a point in my life and my pain where I’m willing to try anything.”

Resources for chronic pain:
http://meetella.io/ http://facingfacialpain.org

Resources for medical marijuana reform:

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Stanley Wong

Dr. Thomas Strouse, MD


Everything's GrHate Flammable Animal says:

Lol. I'm a "vape bro" as I also live with severe chronic disorder. I live in PA…we're working to get edibles and home growing legalized, among other reformation.

Shelby says:

i use weed for my chronic pain and sleep problems and it works wonderful.

Craßu says:

Picture all the retards disliking this because it says that weed is healthy

Fazo land says:

God she is beautiful I wish I married her

David Flash says:

You need to go on an ayuaska tour

g is for gay says:

How is a weed high unpleasant omfg I could never see that 😂

Caitlin Stoehrer says:

Dr Shawn Warwick, Scottsdale Arizona healed my ex who suffered from this. 2 visits and never had a problem again.

Sammie Peanut butter says:

Hope you figure out what helps you. I couldn’t imagine being in your position. Wish you the best.

ShadowRaven ʘ益ʘ says:

Oh god what is that eye shadow

Jonah Novack says:

Mr stark…….
My face doesn’t feel so good….

Brian Hood says:

Dang I feel your pain I’m so sorry I’m praying for you

Flabio Vergas says:

This is just big marijuana trying to brain wash you don’t smoke weed you will go to hell!!!!!

Reese Gibbs 101 says:

Why is she absolutely gorgeous without makeup,

jealously intensifies

Luminous Kiwi 🥝 says:

Damn I’m really feeling sore rn, might need to see a doctor about it and get some “medical” marijuana.

0525loki says:

The latest science on this subject is that strains that are high in both CBD/THC and the best for treating chronic pain. When people say THC by itself does not help with inflammation and pain, that is false. THC interacts directly with the parts of your brain that specializes in pain and immune response (antibodies that cause inflammation). Results (just like being high) vary greatly on an individual level. I have suffered from insidious daily arthritic pain all over my body for over 20 years and marijuana has knocked down my pain and inflammation from a level of 9.5 to a 1, and I literally smoke it once a day.

Sam Lan says:

We all know you just want to get stoned.

Penguintapper1234567 says:

cbd is sold at gas stations here in wisconsin.. she really needed a whole medicine card just to get cbd???

N Car says:

why work for a scumbag company like buzzfeed?

Laken Jones says:

I live in Wichita Kansas so I only have CBD oil

Laken Jones says:

Do you have state Insurance for your disability because it took me 5 years and I am 13 so ya I have not even got disability payment by the way I have Cerebral palsy and nerve damage in left knee

Gale Miller says:

I've been suffering with this for 27+? Years I was just sitting at work one day at my desk? i felt like somebody shot arrow with flames on it right through my ear and into my face? My life would never be the same from that day on! God forgive me I don't like 2 use this kind of language anymore? But I hate this f""'''' disease!🙏 Yes I pray and I smoke weed!I really don't care if you have a problem with that but if anybody knows about these support groups I'm really appreciate it because I've been suffering with this! And I would really like to know if anybody have some natural talking about natural herbs spices Foods anything strains of cannabis what CBD what do you think it's better in oil or wax come on help me?where are these support groups and anybody has any of the appreciate it because yeah thank you my phone's going to die? ❤️❤️🙏

Monkey D. Luffy says:

She looks better without makeup

Francisco Villanueva says:

Sensitive health people out there.

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