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Teens stealing medical marijuana
A concerned father got a special marijuana treatment for his daughter in Mexico and now he opens the door for many more to receive the same care.
12-year-old Alexis Bortell is challegning the U.S. Controlled Substance Act by suing Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Bortell suffers from a severe form of epilepsy and the only thing that helps treat her symptoms is cannabis. [More]
For the first time, the FDA has approved the use of a drug derived from cannabis, which gives hope to 12-year-old Alexis Bortell, who uses medical marijuana to help her epilepsy.
In this episode, Brian Murphy of Hawaii, Dispensary robbery in Ft. Collins, California news, Santa Rosa neighbors feud, Alabama looks at bill to legalize medical marijuana, Ohio Senate Judiciary Committee talks about MMj
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Karimphoto/ Getty Images Lebanon is legalizing medical marijuana cultivation in an effort to boost the country’s troubled economy. The moves comes after a report from McKinsey & Company that evaluated the economic impact of legalizing [More]
Canadian cannabis company Tilray will be able to import medical cannabis into the US.According to Business Insider, Tilray’s capsules will be used in a study in California on essential tremor.ET is a neurological disorder that [More]