Duque supports use of marijuana for medical research
A couple of countries in Latin America are approving the use of medical marijuana and now they are venturing into the import and export business.
Duterte Agrees To Make Medical Marijuana Legal
Herbal Mission provides a holistic approach to treating the mind and body for a wide variety of ailments.
Massachusetts’ top court has ruled that a woman who had been fired for testing positive for marijuana that she had been legally prescribed could sue her former employer for handicap discrimination. Lawyers for the ex-employee, [More]
Cops Raid Medical Marijuana Dispensary, Eat Edibles, Joke About Kicking Amputee In Her ‘Nub’
The HERBAL MEDICAL INSTITUTE LLC,has created a patent pending delivery system which naturally infuses medical marijuana THC into a liquid elixir-beverage of natural juice extracts, including anti-oxidants and minerals called the Green Dragon.
https://ni.readpdfonline.xyz/?book=031646418XThe most comprehensive and approachable book available on understanding and using medical marijuana. Revised and updated with the latest information on varietals, delivery, dosing, and treatable conditions, Cannabis Pharmacy is “a well-designed and -illustrated and [More]
Karimphoto/ Getty Images Lebanon is legalizing medical marijuana cultivation in an effort to boost the country’s troubled economy. The moves comes after a report from McKinsey & Company that evaluated the economic impact of legalizing [More]
Gordon Steve Green on the benefits of medical marijuana in treating PTSD